1:18 Scale Bell UH-1B IROQUOIS – HUEY

1:18 Scale Bell UH-1B IROQUOIS “HUEY”


The Huey helicopter was developed by Bell Helicopter to meet the United States Army’s requirement to be powered by a single turbo shaft engine with a two-bladed main rotor and tail rotor. Production started in March 1960, and since the Huey helicopter has become an icon representing the U.S. Combat forces in Vietnam conflict. UH stands for Utility Helicopter and like its name; they were the work horse of the U.S. Armed Forces. The Huey was designed to provide air mobility and can fulfill multiple tasking including troop transport, airborne battlefield command and control, troop insertion/extraction, fire support coordination, search and rescue, armed escort/visual reconnaissance, medical ambulance, gun ship and fire support. It can be fitted with a host of detachable weapon pods allowing customization for different mission and tasks Approximately 7,000 UH-1 aircraft saw service in Vietnam and more than 16,000 have been produced worldwide. Some UH-1B are still in use after well over 50 years of service since introduction. The JSI model of the Bell UH-1B is fitted with a 40mm gun nose and 2 x 7″ rocket pods. LIMITED EDITION OF 900 (600 for North America) Stay tuned for other variations in this series.

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