BBI Mitsubishi A6M2 ACE Saburo Sakai Zero 1/18 scale Model

BBI Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero 1/18 Model

Saburo Sakai

Replicating an A6M2 Zero flown by 64-victory ace Saburo Sakai – who, along with Hiroyoshi Nishizawa (113 victories) and Toshio Ohta (34), formed the elite Tainan Ku’s famous “Ace Trio” – this wonderfully detailed, 1/18 scale plastic model features engraved panel lines; a fully outfitted, removable cockpit with a sliding canopy; movable control surfaces and retractable landing gear; a rotating propeller; a removable centerline fuel tank; an articulated figure of Sakai; realistically weathered Tainan Kokutai markings; and more. 26″ wingspan

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