1/18 German Tiger Tank I Late Type

1/18 German Tiger Tank I Late Type

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Product Descriptions:
In early stage of WWII, the German tanks were considered inferior to their opponents and often found their tanks to be out maneuvered, out gunned and with inadequate amour protection especially from the Soviet KV-1 and T-34 tanks. German High Command soon submitted requests for new tanks to beat the enemy. In 20 April 1942, two prototypes for the Heavy Tank program were presented to Hitler as the Fuhrer’s birthday present. Herschel’s design was selected, and was awarded the name “Tiger Tank.”. In August, the Tiger Tank deployment was complete and it went into production phase. Besides the fearful 88mm tank gun (Kw. K. 36), the Tiger Tank adapted complex interleaved road wheels system for better off road performance. The complex interleaved system its wide (720mm) tracks resulting constant attentions and problems.

Product Specifications:

  • Realistic Paint Schemes
  • Rotating Turret & Elevating Cannon
  • Fully Removable Turret
  • Detailed Turret Interior
  • Rolling Treads
  • Opening Turret Hatches
  • Ammo Loading Hatch & Hull Hatches
  • 3 x Opening Engine Panels
  • Reveal Engine Details
  • Constructed of ABS Plastic
  • Fully Assembled